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How to Melt ICE (or How the Coyote Fell in Love with the Butterfly who tried to be a Lizard) 

 A tapestry of magical realism, Mexican mythology and authentic immigrant experience in a highly stylized framework that explores the demands of familial love and the generational divide between “Dreamers” and those who carried them to the promised land. A chorus of three Tías (aunts) share family secrets and neighborhood chisme (gossip) with audience members, who will find themselves sometimes as allies, sometimes as a threat, while the choices of two cousins play out against the backdrop of what is now a decades-long American Tragedy.

Full Length Play, Drama / 4F, 2M 


A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Succeed in The Myth-Making

River did it! She’s a legend. Except now she’s stuck in a liminal space with some of histories iconic… ewww… some of histories most “memorable” folks and the myths that got them there. River will have to come to terms on her journey there to decide if it was all worth it. This is a play about the creation of history, who gets to tell it, how it gets passed on and the power behind writing it down. 

2F, 4M or NB
In the Bronx Brown Girls Can See Stars Too

In The Bronx Brown Girls Can See Stars Too (or The F*ck is You Lookin' At) follows  five young women who in order to avoid juvi need to complete a theater workshop program as community service. When the leader of the community dominating gang dies, one of the girls is left with the decision to take his place, through a series of theater games, the girls redefine the meaning of girl gang, friendship and what it means to reach for the stars. 

Full Length Play, Drama 7F
It’s Not So Bad In My Brain 
Fé has flown as far as he can, but there is no escaping the apocalypse. An astonishing reunion offers salvation, but the habits of a lifetime are hard to resist, even at the end of the world.
One-act, 1M, 1F
Tonantzin On The 7 Train
A woman solo-show following my upbringing as a Mexican immigrant who grew Jehovah Witness. 
Solo Show, Collection of Monologues / 1F
Next-Door Neighbors
2015 winner of The Jacob Hammer Memorial Prize for Best Short Play

“ Next Door Neighbors ” is a comical one-act that deals with the ramifications of a Post-Donald Trump world. Calling back to the classic Waiting For Godot, the play follows two seemingly different characters, Manny, the Mexican DREAMer, and Freddy, the gun-loving, border-protecting American as they wait. But exactly are they waiting for? On stage, Manny and Freddy wait side by side for the grand opening of an immigration detention center in Arizona. However, behind every playful quip Manny ricochets on to Freddy ’ s ideas of what it means to be an American, and underneath the raw suspicions Freddy has of Manny, what both characters are really waiting for is empathy. “ Next Door Neighbors ” uncovers the similarities we often ignore when chanting with our picket signs on either side of the immigration debate and urges us to listen to one another while we still can.


One-act, 2M


Photos by Al Foote III 

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